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What do we stand for?
We stand for innovation and creative solutions, we support unique talent to become exceptional and we ethical in the way we do business.
We've always relied upon our flexibility as our competitive edge. We are progressive and always looking towards the future.And, we're getting pretty good at it since we're spent the last 105 years doing it!

Working at Li & Fung
Every day is a new day at Li & Fung.
Every day there is an opportunity to learn, overcome challenges and invent new ideas to get to creative solutions.
At Li & Fung, you are a colleague. Unique individuals coming together as one adds value to everything we do. Our most successful teams are made up of the most diverse individuals. By being yourself you will find your place at Li & Fung.

Global Opportunities
Where in the world do you want to work? Li Fung offers career opportunities around the globe. With over 240 offices and distribution centers in over 40 countries, and an international sourcing network, you will have the opportunity to work with colleagues, customers and suppliers world-wide regardless of where you are Physically located.

What do we have to offer?
A career at Li & Fung means you will be part of something special and you may be surprised at the scope of career opportunities we offer. We have teams working in every part of the supply chain so the opportunities are endless. From design to sourcing, merchandising to accounting, IT to logistics, we're sure there is a fit for you!

What Makes Li & Fung a Great Place to Work?
Everyone at Li & Fung is an individual.With our variety of backgrounds, unique life experiences and cultural perspectives, we come together to deliver excellence every day.
We were built with an entrepreneurial spirit and that's something we've always embraced.We encourage to be resourceful, creative an innovative.
We advocate life-long learning and create opportunities for you to learn something new each day.
We offer workshops,seminars and e-courses to help you grow and achieve your potential.
We aim to be the best service company in the world and to consistently deliver exceptional service to our customers the globe.
At Li & Fung you are more than a colleague, you are considered a part of our family.

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